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These Terms of Use (including its additional elements, such as the pricing conditions at the time of the subscription) apply to any subscription to the PAEPIRO.TV service (“PAEPIRO.TV”) edited by PAEPIRO SAS, Limited Company registered with the Carcassonne Trade and Companies Register under the number 853 333 862 with its main office address at Cap Omega Rond Point Benjamin Franklin 34000 Cedex 2 Montpellier France (“PAEPIRO SAS”). 

These Terms of Use apply to any individual of legal age, domiciled in all geographic areas (the “Territory”) and having chosen to subscribe to and use PAEPIRO.TV, regardless of the subscription chosen to access all or part of PAEPIRO.TV. 


Subscription: paid subscription to PAEPIRO.TV, video on demand subscription service edited and marketed by PAEPIRO SAS allowing the access to content for the duration of its subscription and according to the different means of access to PAEPIRO.TV on the day of subscription. 

Subscriber: any natural person domiciled in the Territory subscribing in whole or in part to PAEPIRO.TV (including through free trial periods, promotional offers or privileged offers). 

Subscriber account: refers to the space reserved for the user of PAEPIRO.TV by means of a username and password, which allows access to all or part of the content of PAEPIRO.TV, according to the access means chosen by the user. 

Content: refers to all content of any kind (audiovisual, text, graphics, etc.) accessible to Subscribers to PAEPIRO.TV (subject to any restrictions on rights holders). 

Distributor (s) of the Service: refers to any partner who has been authorized by PAEPIRO SAS to distribute PAEPIRO.TV. 

Territory: the geographic areas referred to at the beginning of these Terms of Use from which it will be possible to access PAEPIRO.TV. 


Registration to PAEPIRO.TV includes a periodic subscription, for the duration proposed by PAEPIRO SAS, which may vary depending on the terms chosen by the Subscriber to subscribe to PAEPIRO.TV. 

Subscription to PAEPIRO.TV may give rise to a free trial period, promotional offers or privileged offers, giving the possibility of temporary access, in whole or in part, to PAEPIRO.TV, for durations determined by PAEPIRO SAS and / or its partners, described to the user at the time of purchase or subscription. After this period of use of PAEPIRO.TV as authorized by the free trial, promotional offers or privileged offers, the PAEPIRO.TV Subscription is taken out in principle, for a period of 1 (one) months, 6 months or 1 year from the date of subscription, or for any other paid subscription period that will be offered to the Subscriber at the end of his free trial period, the promotional offer or the privilege offer he will have benefited from.

PAEPIRO SAS and / or its partners may freely define any limit the possibility of accumulating free trial periods, promotional offers or privileged offers to PAEPIRO.TV, these limitations being brought to the attention of users and Subscribers at the time of purchase or subscription to PAEPIRO.TV. 

Except at the end of a period of access to PAEPIRO.TV resulting from a free trial, a promotional offer, a privilege offer, the duration of the Subscription is automatically renewed by tacit renewal for a period of identical to that initially subscribed to except termination by the Subscriber under the conditions specified below. 

Access to PAEPIRO.TV is subject to the full and complete acceptance by the Subscriber of the Terms of USE and the Privacy Policy in force when connecting and using PAEPIRO.TV. 

PAEPIRO SAS reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy at any time, in particular due to changes in the offer or functionalities of PAEPIRO.TV or for any other reason. These changes are brought to the attention of Subscribers and users of PAEPIRO.TV when they access PAEPIRO.TV. Users and Subscribers of PAEPIRO.TV are invited to regularly consult the Terms of Use posted online within PAEPIRO.TV. 



PAEPIRO SAS provides Subscribers with on-demand access on subscription, allowing them to view Content at the time chosen by each Subscriber for the duration of their Subscription and for the duration of their availability within the PAEPIRO.TV, as specified at the time of subscription. 

Subscribers to PAEPIRO.TV will have access in this context to the following functionalities: 

– Search engine 

– Access to a “Players” area 

– Access to a “Coaches” area 

– Access to a “Clubs” area 

– Access to a “Fans” area 

PAEPIRO.TV is accessible via the Internet, via mobile applications, in OTT and will be made accessible, via all the telecommunications networks within the offers of Distributor (s), with which PAEPIRO SAS has a distribution agreement on the Territory, and with which PAEPIRO.TV is compatible as well as via the mobile application stores that have agreed to offer the download of the PAEPIRO.TV mobile application. 

These Terms of Use are independent of the subscription taken out by a Subscriber with a Distributor of PAEPIRO.TV for which the Subscriber will do his own business – in the event of a change of subscription to an offer from a third-party distributor, the Subscriber is expressly informed that access to PAEPIRO.TV may not be accessible via the offers of another distributor – apart from his OTT access / via the Internet / and via the PAEPIRO.TV mobile application. It will be up to the Subscriber to inform PAEPIRO SAS of his change of distributor and, if applicable, of how to access PAEPIRO.TV. Likewise, the Subscription to PAEPIRO.TV is independent of the conditions of use of the mobile application stores on which it is the Subscribers’ responsibility to obtain information and to comply with them. 

PAEPIRO.TV and its contents are intended exclusively for residents of the Territory identified by means of their geolocation. 


PAEPIRO.TV is accessible by all telecommunications networks, its Content being able to be viewed via: 

– Computers via Internet and OTT, via Safari / Chrome / Firefox (last 3 versions supported). – Tablets: compatible at least IOS 10 / Android 4.4, with the latest versions of Safari / Chrome / Firefox

– Televisions connected to a decoder of a Distributor of PAEPIRO.TV. 

– Mobile terminals subject to downloading the free PAEPIRO.TV mobile application or via the internet via Safari / Chrome / Firefox (last 3 versions supported). It is recommended to access the Contents of PAEPIRO.TV via wifi – access via mobile networks may result in additional communication costs for which PAEPIRO SAS cannot be held responsible. 

To access PAEPIRO.TV, Subscribers must have, after downloading the PAEPIRO.TV application via Apple Store or Google Store: 

– Access on an iOS system: an Apple Store account, a valid payment method, a mobile terminal compatible with at least iOS 10 

– Access on Android: a Google Store account, a valid payment method, a mobile terminal compatible with at least Android 4.4. 

Responsibility for the installation, operation and maintenance of the reception and technical equipment required to access PAEPIRO.TV is the sole responsibility of the users and Subscribers who must check for any software and hardware incompatibilities with the service. installation and viewing of the Contents of PAEPIRO.TV for which PAEPIRO SAS cannot be held responsible. 


PAEPIRO.TV provides access to Content focused on sport, in particular Rugby (coaching, streaming, matches, etc.). Certain Content is classified by category. Certain Content may not be associated with all the features offered by PAEPIRO.TV due to or restrictions imposed by certain rights holders if the user or Subscriber has accessed PAEPIRO.TV through a free trial, a promotional offer, or a privileged offer, depending on the various terms and conditions that will be indicated to the user at the time of purchase or subscription. 

Any use of PAEPIRO.TV any viewing of its Content requires the prior authorization for minors from holders of parental authority, the use of PAEPIRO.TV by a minor remaining the responsibility of the parents (or holders of parental authority). 


Access to PAEPIRO.TV is reserved for individual Subscribers residing in the Territory. The Subscriber’s State of residence must be verified at the time of registration, when subscribing to PAEPIRO.TV and when renewing a Subscription to PAEPIRO.TV. In case of doubt, PAEPIRO SAS reserves the right to carry out any possible verification of the Subscriber’s place of residence in accordance with the applicable regulations. 



Access to PAEPIRO.TV is only authorized under these Terms of Use for private and personal use. It is not transferable in any way whatsoever, free of charge or against payment. 


5.2.1 Subscriber Account 

Access to PAEPIRO.TV is conditional on the prior creation of a Subscriber Account, including for a free trial period, a promotional offer or a privilege offer. For this purpose, the Subscriber must provide his personal information (any mandatory information indicated at the time of subscription, including the email address and password) which will allow him to be identified and to access PAEPIRO.TV. 

The Subscriber is solely responsible for securing the confidential data of his Subscriber Account and undertakes to correctly fill in the information required for access to PAEPIRO.TV, and in particular to communicate only exact, up-to-date and complete information. and to inform PAEPIRO SAS of any change concerning it.

In the event of fraudulent use or fraudulent access to his Subscriber Account, the Subscriber undertakes to immediately inform PAEPIRO SAS. The Subscriber is solely responsible for the use of his Subscriber Account, until the deactivation of the account, for any reason whatsoever. 

PAEPIRO SAS reserves the right to automatically deactivate, without notice or compensation, the Customer Account in the event of non-compliance with these Terms of Use. The Subscriber must in particular indicate his payment details for payment by bank card: his bank card number, the account holder, the expiration date and the cryptogram. 

Once the Subscriber Account has been created and activated, the Subscriber can start viewing the Contents of PAEPIRO.TV. 

PAEPIRO SAS cannot be held responsible in the event of technical or material failure or incompatibility of the material and equipment of any user preventing him from taking out a subscription to PAEPIRO.TV. 

5.2.3 Waiver of the right of withdrawal 

In accordance with the provisions of article L221-28 – 13 ° of the Consumer Code, any user who has created a Subscriber Account and activated his Account by confirming his Subscription, expressly declares his consent to the immediate start of PAEPIRO.TV and consequently waives expressly to exercise his right of withdrawal. The Subscriber remains free, however, to terminate his Subscription to PAEPIRO.TV at any time, under the conditions referred to in these Terms of Use. In the event of Subscription to PAEPIRO.TV via a Distributor, the Subscriber is invited to refer to the Distributor’s subscription conditions regarding the conditions for exercising his right of withdrawal. 


6.1. PRICES 

Access to PAEPIRO.TV is subject to a subscription price displayed on PAEPIRO.TV, (all taxes included) according to the Territory in Euros, U.S Dollars or British Pound Sterling. PAEPIRO SAS reserves the right to modify its subscription price list. Likewise, the tariffs and limited temporary durations of promotional offers or privileged offers offered directly by PAEPIRO SAS and / or the Distributors of PAEPIRO.TV will be indicated on PAEPIRO.TV. 

In the event of an increase or decrease in the Subscription price, the Subscriber will be notified by email one month before the date of the change and may terminate his subscription accordingly in accordance with the instructions in the email. which will be sent to him. The termination will then take effect at the end of the current subscription period. No rate increase will take place for the current subscription period already taken out at the time of the rate increase. If the Subscriber does not cancel his subscription before the start of the new subscription period, the date on which the price change will take effect, his subscription will be renewed, without any further action on his part, at the new price in force on the day of renewal, the Subscriber consequently authorizing PAEPIRO SAS to withdraw the new corresponding amount in accordance with the method of payment associated with the Subscriber’s account. 


Outside the free trial periods, promotional offers or privileged offers, for any subscription to a Subscription to PAEPIRO.TV, the payment of the Subscription, for the period subscribed at the time of the Subscription ( monthly, annual or any other subscription period offered by PAEPIRO SAS and / or a Distributor of PAEPIRO.TV) is payable in advance each month, by recurring payment by credit card. 

The first debit is made on the day of the first subscription of the Subscription, excluding the free trial period, promotional offer or privilege offer. The following debits are made on the 1st day of each new subscription period (monthly, annual or for any other subscription period offered by PAEPIRO SAS and / or a Distributor of PAEPIRO.TV. Communication of information relating to means of payment of each Subscriber expressly constitutes authorization to debit the Subscriber’s bank account, up to the amount of the subscription subscribed and for the period defined during the subscription.

Subscriptions purchased through a Distributor of PAEPIRO.TV are payable for each subscription period defined beforehand (monthly, annual or other), by direct debit, directly from the Distributor. 

The Subscriber must have a funded bank account, associated with a bank card to be able to subscribe to PAEPIRO.TV. 

The Subscriber is required to update and / or modify his bank details in his Subscriber Account. The subscription expiry date will be indicated in the “Subscription and Billing” section in the “My Account” page. 

In the event of non-payment of the Subscription on time, access to PAEPIRO.TV will be suspended on the day of non-payment within 24 hours. The Subscriber will retain access to his account but will no longer be able to access the paid content of PAEPIRO.TV. PAEPIRO SAS reserves the right to delete user / subscriber accounts that have remained inactive for a specified period of time, in compliance with applicable regulations. 


If the Subscriber benefits from a free trial period, a promotional offer or a privileged offer and he wishes to continue to benefit from PAEPIRO.TV at the end of the periods provided for by these offers, he must pay a paid subscription (monthly, annual or for any other period proposed by PAEPIRO SAS), and this in compliance with these Terms of Use. 

The Subscription is concluded for a period defined at the time of subscription, from the date of subscription, renewable for successive subscription periods as defined at the time of subscription (monthly, annual or other) unless terminated twenty- four (24) hours before the expiry date indicated to the Subscriber – renewable under the conditions specified at the time of the subscription of the Subscription concerned. For example, if a subscription is activated on August 01, 2021, the subscriber will have to cancel this subscription before August 31, 2021 if it is a monthly subscription or before August 01, 2022 if it is an annual subscription. 

In order to terminate their Subscription, the Subscriber must go to their Subscriber Account and send the termination form by email. Once the termination has been notified, the Subscriber will continue to receive PAEPIRO.TV until the effective date of termination. 

The Subscription will be terminated / suspended as aright by PAEPIRO SAS in the event of: 

– Non-payment of the Subscription; 

– Failure to update, by the Subscriber, information relating to his means of payment at the end of their period of validity; 

– Acts contravening the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code and in particular, in the event of use of the Content outside the Territory or to disseminate it for the purpose of counterfeiting; – Failures by the Subscriber to any of the obligations incumbent upon him by virtue of these Terms of Use and in particular, use of PAEPIRO.TV exceeding the limits authorized by the Terms of Use. 


The use of PAEPIRO.TV and all of its Content is authorized according to the terms set by these Terms of Use. 

As the availability and accessibility of PAEPIRO.TV depends on the quality of the Internet network, mobile networks, hosts and / or technical configurations of telephone operator networks, PAEPIRO SAS cannot make any commitment on the performance of PAEPIRO.TV. 

PAEPIRO SAS cannot therefore be held liable in the event of an interruption of access to PAEPIRO.TV, temporary or definitive and not attributable to PAEPIRO SAS or which is due to an action by Subscribers or to unforeseeable and insurmountable facts. third parties or fortuitous events or force majeure, as defined by the case law of the Court of Cassation.

Likewise, PAEPIRO SAS will not be held responsible in the event of failure of the equipment and materials required for the reception of PAEPIRO.TV and in particular, the cable boxes of the Distributors of PAEPIRO.TV and in general, for any failure of the latter preventing the good reception of PAEPIRO.TV. 

PAEPIRO.TV will in principle be accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without any obligation of result in this regard. In addition, PAEPIRO SAS may interrupt access from time to time for maintenance operations and corrective actions concerning PAEPIRO.TV. 

PAEPIRO SAS cannot be held responsible for loss of data or delays in receiving PAEPIRO.TV, modification, suspension or interruption of PAEPIRO.TVor consequences arising from activities. third-party piracy via the Internet and in particular the transmission of viruses. 

In any event, in the event of proven breach by PAEPIRO SAS of its obligations resulting from the Terms of Use, the Subscriber can only claim compensation for direct and personal damage, duly justified, to the exclusion of any other particularly indirect damage. 

In addition, PAEPIRO SAS cannot guarantee users and Subscribers that PAEPIRO.TV will meet their expectations and specific uses, nor that the Content and PAEPIRO.TV will be exclusive of any error or minor defects. 

The Subscriber guarantees for his part that he will use PAEPIRO.TV in accordance with the use authorized by these Terms of Use. 

In addition, PAEPIRO SAS cannot guarantee and affirm that: 

– the PAEPIRO.TV site is free from viruses, data overwriting programs, Trojans or other destruction material, 

– the information contained on the PAEPIRO.TV site is accurate, complete or up to date. 

The PAEPIRO.TV site may contain technical inaccuracies or other faults, PAEPIRO SAS does not guarantee the correction of these faults. The PAEPIRO.TV site and its contents are presented “as is” and “according to availability”. PAEPIRO SAS expressly excludes any form of guarantee, and in particular, any implicit guarantee relating to the usual conditions of use of the PAEPIRO.TV site or the suitability of the sites for normal use or for a specific use, their quality or compliance with all legal provisions. This limitation of liability applies to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

Likewise, the PAEPIRO.TV site may contain links to third-party sites not published or not controlled by PAEPIRO SAS. Such links are provided for convenience only; they cannot and must not be interpreted as an express or implicit endorsement of these sites, their content or any product or service offered there. 


For more information on the processing of personal data and the use of cookies as well as to exercise their rights, the Subscriber is invited to consult the Confidentiality Policy relating to PAEPIRO.TV accessible from the home page of the PAEPIRO.TV site. 


The content of PAEPIRO.TV is protected by intellectual property rights. In accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for strictly private and personal use, limited to family circles, is authorized by these Terms of Use to the exclusion of any other use. 

PAEPIRO SAS is the sole holder of the intellectual property rights relating to the PAEPIRO, PAEPIRO.COM and PAEPIRO.TV brands.

Any reproduction or communication to the public, in whole or in part, of the protected trademarks of PAEPIRO SAS and / or of the trademarks and Content of PAEPIRO.TV without the prior written consent of the beneficiaries is strictly prohibited and may give rise to where applicable, to infringement proceedings. 


If any of the provisions of the Terms of Use were declared null or void with regard to a legislative or regulatory provision in force, and / or a court decision having the force of res judicata, it would be deemed unwritten and not will not invalidate the other provisions. 

PAEPIRO SAS may at any time transfer the rights and obligations arising from these Terms of Use in the event of a transfer of the company to another entity or in the context of a transfer of business or assets. 


These Terms of Use are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute relating to the use of PAEPIRO.TV, any disagreement or dispute not settled amicably will be submitted to the competent courts. The Subscriber is free to use the consumer mediation procedures provided for by the texts in force. 

He can also request the customer service of PAEPIRO SAS by sending him any correspondence to the following email address: contact@paepiro.com 

PAEPIRO SAS reserves the right to request and obtain injunctions or orders for the defense of its rights under the terms hereof. 

Update date August 01 2021 

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