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About Paepiro

Paepiro means try line in Māori. We like to go straight to the try line: Kotahi atu ki te paepiro!

Paepiro  gathers international players, ex-players, parents and educators, who share two passions entrepreneurship and rugby.

We believe rugby builds character and that players must combine sport and education. Our mission is to help players all around the world to follow this dual track.

As players, we value integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect and as entrepreneurs we praise creativity and resilience.

Paepiro creates a bridge between emerging rugby nations and mature ones. Our company offers high performance rugby camps that combine sport & education.

Paepiro partners with professional clubs, elite coaches, leagues, rugby legends and academic institutions to build innovative world-class programs that combine rugby and education.

Camps’ Rules

Our camps run throughout the year.  Please go on our Booking Center and select the camp attributes that match your needs.

Camp participation varies from 30 to 100 players per session. The ratio of staff to players is an averarge of 1:10.

Camps are designed for players from all over the world. Coaches and educators speak local languages and English. While there has been no problem of communication, we recommend to opt for the language option to take advantage of your immersion.

Once you have booked your camp, you will receive a camp “Welcome package” by email with a detailed camps description in which, you will find both camps emergency contact number and administration number.

Staff members at most camps eat and share accommodations & activities with players. They stay with players during the entire camp. The staff at most camps eat and share accommodations & activities with camps participants. Unless instructed otherwise, minors are not let unattended. In case of a problem, a staff member should always be easily accessible.

Code of conduct varies from camp to camp Each camp has a different policy

Please check your Welcome Packet for details

individual camps rules and camp players Code of Conduct.

Can I leave the camp facilities

Minor camp participants are at no time allowed to leave the campus premises without a specific authorization from our camps staff. Over 18 participants can vacate the campus at will but we ask them to notify a staff member prior to doing so.

Can I leave the camp facilities

About You

Our camps are for girls and boys aged 6 to 23. Each camp has a different focus and age requirements, so please check individual camp description for details.

Camps usually run on a weekly basis, but we also offer shorter and longer camps. While most camps can be booked by the week, most participants choose 2-week immersion programs as it provides players the opportunity to fully benefit from our training programs while enhancing players’ cultural immersion and language progress. For more information, please check both “Other Products” and “Related Product” sections of our websites or contact us directly,

To stay on a club campus, players, must be 12 year old and older. However, Paepiro can arrange alternative accommodation options for both parents and players. For more information, please check both “Other Products” and “Related Product” sections of our websites or contact us directly,

To allow parents and players to travel together, we also propose travel packages for parents who seek to travel with their champion. To maximize both players and parents fun, these traveling parents packages have multiple themes. For more information, please check both “Other Products” and “Related Product” sections of our website or contact us directly.

Camps Directors care about safety. So if you wear eyeglasses, you are welcome to join our camps, but you will have to wear protective sport goggles during every training sessions.

Rugby Curriculum

Coaches establish a personal rapport and communicate constantly with players. They group players according to rugby IQ to adapt training volume & intensity. They also assess individual challenges and strengths to create personalized development plans.

All our camps have high rugby IQ content and follow modern professional training methodologies. While rugby and educative content may vary, our camps typically offer four levels of rugby IQ:

  • Elite for advanced players
  • Academy for all players
  • Detection for advanced players
  • Coaching for coaches

Our camps provide world-class rugby training programs as well as both a real cultural experience and educational content. Players share activities with people from all around the world. They live, play, learn and share cultural and fun activities.

Camps curriculum varies from camp to camp. Our camps have been designed by world-class coaches, international players and elite professional clubs. Camps are tailored to enhance players’ development while remaining playful and fun. Curriculum cover not only all positions specifics from prop to fullback, but also address skills, fitness, video analysis, nutrition, strategy and both individual and collective training.

Each player is evaluated at the beginning and at the end of the camp. For each camp, players receive a written evaluation and their personalized development plan. Depending on the type of camp selected, players may also have access to a training app, an e-learning platform, training videos, academic support, and remote coaching options. In some camps, films and videos of training sessions will also be provided and accessible from our website after login.

Each camp has its own schedule, so please check individual camp description for a detailed schedule. A typical day of camp :

  • 09:00 am: Skills development
  • 01:00 pm: Educational session
  • 03:00 pm: Team recreation
  • 05:00 pm: Collective drills
  • 08:30 pm: Group activities

Booking Process

Our team tries to keep our website updated, but please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email or by phone. Our team is always there to assist you.

There process is very simple:

  • Just create an account on our Log-In page
  • Browse through the Booking Center
  • Select one or several camps using our filters
  • Check your camp’s “Availability, “Summary” & “Refund Policy”
  • Look for Related Products
  • Go to your Cart and process to payment
  • Check your email for your booking confirmation & your “Welcome Packet”.

If within 24 hour you still have not received your “Welcome Packet” by email, please contact us immediately.

While camps deadlines vary, most remain open till the first day of camp. However, some camps are very popular and sell-out fast. So, once you determine what camp is best for you, we encourage to book your camps as soon as possible. Indeed, camp availability is managed on a first-come, first-served basis.

You will receive your “Welcome Packet” by email after booking. The “Welcome Packet” typically content all your camps updated information (details about the curriculum, items to bring, contact list, directions, etc.). If you do not receive your “Welcome Packet”, within 24 hour, please contact us immediately.

If you bring at Check-in all signed forms & required documents with you. , you will allow to attend. Your complete registration forms can be submitted either in advance or at Check-in, but payment must be made in full prior to Check-in. With an unpaid balance and with an incomplete registration, you will NOT be permitted to participate in the camp. 

Travel Arrangements

After booking, you will receive a “Welcome Packet” by email that contains all your camp information. If you do not receive your “Welcome Packet”, within 24 hour, please contact us immediately.

We can make arrangements to pick you up at the nearest local airport. Please check individual camp description for details and contact us by email or by phone to confirm pick up.

You need to arrive in the morning of the first day of your camp (Please check individual camp details). Make sure to verify flight arrival and departure restrictions as well as airport transfer options. You need to leave on the last day of your camp. To arrive a day earlier or depart a day later, please contact us directly.

The beginning of each camp is important as players Check-in, and follow a general camp orientation before stepping on the field for their first training session. Furthermore, on most camps, coaches run players’ assessment to build homogeneous training groups.

If you think you will arrive late, please contact us and the camp Director ahead of time. Note that there no partial refunds for late camp arrival.

Visa requirements vary from country to country. You and only you are responsible to obtain all of your travel documents prior to departure (Passport, official letters allowing minor to travel alone, visa, proof of insurance…). Please check your consulate website or call its local office with regards to entry and Visa requirements.

It is important that you plan ahead as Visa application can sometimes be lengthy. At the present time, there is no Visa requirement for short term trip between France and the USA but specific official papers must be signed by legal guardians for players under 18 year of age.

Food & Lodging

The number of roommates varies between camps. It is typically between 1 and 6 players per room. Please check individual camps descriptions.

Accommodation options vary between camps (Please check individual camp package description). Typically, camps offer separate housing for minors and adults. Minors quarter are secured and monitored. Other housing options include hosting families and off-campus apartments, please contact us for more information. 

Camps packages typically include healthy daily meals. Please return by email or at Check-in the signed forms regarding medical information, allergies and other food related restrictions. Please make sure to remind staff members at Check-in about any dietary issues. While we cannot assure you that all meal will match your diet restriction, staff members will try to accommodate you.

Camp staff members will attempt to honor any roommate requests when possible. Both players must agree to a specific request. When we receive your request by email, we will forward it to both you and the camp director. Thank you in advance for reminding staff members at Check-in that you have a roommate request. While staff members will do their very best we cannot guarantee you that they will be able to fulfill every request.

After booking, you will receive a camp “Welcome packet” that contains a specific list of items to bring with you. Remember to mark clothing and equipment with your name. The list below is for illustrative purposes and is meant for a one-week camp. Our non-exhaustive suggested items list includes:

  • 1 personal water bottle
  • Sunscreen / body lotion
  • Personal toiletries
  • 3-4 pairs of training shorts
  • Running shoes
  • 5 pairs of training socks
  • 4-5 Training shirts
  • 1 Sports bag
  • 1 Pair of rugby cleats
  • 1 Mouth guard
  • 1 Swimsuit
  • 1 Beach towel / 1 bath towel
  • 1 Lightweight jacket
  • 1 Cap or visor
  • 1 Pair of sandals
  • 1 Cell phone charger with adaptor
  • 1 Lock
  • 1 Top wet weather clothing
  • Casual pants, shorts & T-shirts

Insurance & Liabilities

We are not an insurance company but some partners and your insurance broker can protect you against unforeseen event that will force you to cancel your trip. For more information, please check “Other Products” on our website or contact us directly. 

Camp director require players to return a fully completed registration file, including signed medical forms and proof of insurance. Minors must bring a medical form with parents and physician signatures, a signed code of conduct, proof of insurance information and immunization history. Please check your “Welcome Packet” for detailed camp rules.

You always want to bring with you to Check-in, all your signed forms especially the medical form as it is required by law in some countries like France and Italy. For our camps in France and Italy, if you fail to present a fully-completed registration file, you may NOT be able to participate in any activity until proper forms are provided.

Every player must have medical insurance to participate to a camp. While we do not anticipate any medical issue with our programs, we seek to protect every player. In the event of a medical emergency, hospitals require either a proof of medical insurance or a payment on site. For players’ safety and peace of mind, we ask players to show valid proof of medical and liability insurance at Check-in. If you do not have any insurance coverage, we recommend that you purchase a private one for the duration of the camp. Please contact your insurance broker of your choice or check “Other Products” and your “Welcome Packet” for camp details and information about travel, medical, liability and cancellation insurance policies.

For any medical emergency including rugby injury, camps staff members take players to a local hospital, usually designated in your “Welcome Packet” and notify parents and family immediately by phone and email.

Financial Considerations

Paepiro is not a travel agent, so our packages DO NOT include airfare. We build high performance camp packages with federations, leagues, rugby legends, coaches, elite clubs, academic institutions and reputable partners.

As we build camps in collaboration with federations, leagues, clubs. coaches, rugby legends and academic institutions, each of our high rugby IQ product has a different refund policy dictated by our partners. For more details, please check individual package description, your “Welcome Package” or contact us directly.

We accept most credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express…. and other forms of payments such as bank wire transfer and Paypal. Please note that all payments must be made in full prior to players’ arrival. There is NO additional credit card processing fees for online payment. For more information, please contact us directly. 

Players DO NOT need to bring any money. However, most players bring petty cash for merchandising items, independent weekend activities, non complementary match ticket, coin operated laundry machines, snacks, souvenirs, airline excess baggage fees….

You can ONLY attend camp, if you bring all signed forms & required documents with you. Your complete registration forms can be submitted at Check-in, but payment must be made in full prior to Check-in. With an unpaid balance and an incomplete registration, you will NOT be permitted to participate. 

Study Abroad

Paepiro accompanies you throughout the entire process. Before your application, we propose camps that combine rugby and test preparation (TOEFL, SAT/ACT, GMAT…). We organize detection clinics for coaches and players and help you select the college that matches your goals. We help you market your application to our coaches network, to maximize your chances of getting a scholarship. After admission, we provide a quarterly follow up and eventually provide academic support.





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