As parents, players and educators, we primarily care about athletes’ development and well-being. We design camps that emphasize safety, rugby IQ and skills development.

Coaches emphasize safety and technique. Game based
learning & drills are used to develop correct body positioning, skills and
understanding to help develop the athlete and their Rugby IQ.

We like the athleticism of rugby but consider that intelligence is the most important “muscle” in our sport.

We think that collisions & combat are essential to the game, but we
put most value in side steps, switches, loop, skip and of-load passes.
We believe the modern game played at the highest levels requires
more than just athleticism and we love to see our athletes win by
using their skills and Rugby IQ.

Rugby curriculum

We multiply rugby-centric camps that cover multiple  themes, performance levels and educational options, but our principles, methodologies and philosophy remain the same.

We offer multiple camps in multiple locations but
the camps philosophy remains the same. The
objective is always the same, to maximize a
players development on and of the field.

Paepiro camps incorporate the most update
techniques and philosophies. Our curriculum
covers positional and unit specifics alongside ball
handling, passing, running angles, tackling,
rucking, scrum, line-out, attack and defense
phases, video analysis, physical conditioning,
recovery techniques, nutrition, mental

  • Academy : develop rugby IQ + education
  • Elite : enhance high performance rugby + education
  • Talent identification : facilitate club or college selection
  • Coaching : All coaches have both practical experience in the
    highest levels of the game coupled with their
    professional coaching qualifications.

Coaching methods

Camps’ coaches are certified, use up-to-date methods and techniques, and adopt a player-centric approach.

The camps coaches have a deep understanding of elite rugby. They are either elite clubs youth programs coaches or rugby legends. They typically hold World Rugby Level 3 Coaching Degrees and/or Masters in Sport Education specialized in rugby.

At beginning of camps, coaches run a players’ assessment and build groups according to rugby IQ level. They adapt training volume & intensity to each group and establish a personal rapport with each player. At the end  of camp, coaches share with each of them their individual challenges and strengths and propose a personalized development plan to continue progress back home.

As our camps are open to players from all around the world, coaches & educators speak both local languages and English. Camp participation varies from 30 to over 100 players, but camps maintain a low ratio of staff to players of 1:10.

Educational content

Camps proposes multiple options from language learning to GMAT preparation. They also offer 2 formulas: standard & intensive. The standard level consists of daily class of a 1 hour and the intensive formula offers several alternatives. For more information, please see “Related Product” or contact us directly.

  • Language: French, English, Spanish, Italian…
  • Tutoring: math, physics, literature, writing….
  • Baccalauréat preparation
  • Languages: TOEFL, DILF, DELF, DALF…
  • Colleges: SAT, ACT…
  • Graduate schools: GMAT, MCAT, GRE…
  • College selection
  • Admissions counseling
  • Cultural immersion

Non-rugby activities

During camps, players share daily non rugby activities.

  • Cultural discovery
  • Day excursions
  • Museums visits…
  • Team building, personal growth, exploration…
  • Other sports : soccer, badminton, basketball… 
  • Beach-time : paddle, lifeguard training, Bocce ball… 
  • Making new friends from around the world
  • Recrational time

Training facilities

Camps are run on the training facilities of elite clubs, federations, Olympic centers and colleges. Facilities tend to be centrally located and easily accessible.

They typically include multiple rugby fields, fitness rooms, wrestling rooms, video analysis rooms, classrooms, TV rooms, game rooms, locker-rooms and dorms. Some camps even offer swimming pools and multi-purpose interior gymnasium.

  • Fantastic on campus facilities are available please
    see individual location for details.
  • Off campus facilities may be available at the
    campers own expense. Please contact us directly
    for guidance.

Camp staff includes camp supervisors, qualified tutors, teachers, physiotherapists.

Attractive destinations

Paepiro is a global company that propose high performance camps throughout the world.

  • France : Montpellier & Paris
  • USA : Colorado Springs – CO, Fairfield – CT, Connecticut & Charleston – SC
  • Europe : France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England
  • Americas : USA, Canada
  • Europe : France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England
  • Americas : USA, Canada, Argentina
  • Oceania : New Zealand, Australia
  • Africa : South Africa
  • Asia : Japan
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