Game philosophy

As parents, players and educators, our primary concern is the development and well-being of athletes. So we design camps that focus on safe practices, high performance and personal development.

As rugby is a contact sport, coaches insist on safety and prevention. They multiply the exercises which demonstrate the correct positioning of the body and introduce certain techniques only when the players have the correct rugby IQ.

In Paepiro, we are supporters of the All-Blacks and the French flair. We think collisions and fighting are essential to the game, but we value dodging, switches, loops, jumps and passes without load. We prefer constant collective movements to individual exploits and to joy when the players achieve it by their skills rather than by their strength.

We love the athletics of rugby but consider intelligence to be the most important “muscle” in our sport.

Rugby programs

Our rugby-focused camps offer different levels of performance, educational options and themes, but they follow the same principles, methodologies and philosophy.

We offer several camps, but the philosophy and objective of these remain the same: to maximize the development of players on and off the field.

The programs cover the specifics of the positions from “Prop” to “Fullback” and offer daily individual and collective training. The session themes include ball handling, passing, rolling angles, tackles, rucking, melee details, attack and defense phases, video analysis, physical conditioning, recovery, mental preparation and nutrition…

  • Elite
  • Academy
  • Detection
  • Framing

Coaching methodology

Camp coaches are certified, use modern methods and techniques, and take a player-centered approach.

The coaches, certified by our camps, have an in-depth knowledge of elite rugby. They are coaches of elite club youth programs or rugby legends. They generally hold World Rugby Level 3 coaching diplomas and / or masters in sports education specializing in rugby.

At the start of the camps, the coaches assess the players and form groups based on the IQ level of rugby. They adapt the volume and intensity of training to each group and establish a personal relationship with each player. At the end of the camp, the coaches share with each their challenges and strengths and propose a personalized development plan to continue to progress at home.

As our camps are open to players from all over the world, the coaches and educators speak both local languages and English. Camp participation ranges from 30 to over 100 players, but camps maintain a low staff to player ratio of 1 to 10.

Educational content

Camps offers several options ranging from language learning to GMAT preparation. They also offer 2 formulas: standard and intensive. The standard level consists of a daily lesson of one hour and the intensive formula offers several alternatives. For more information, please refer to the “Associated product” section or contact us directly.

  • Language: French, English, Spanish, Italian …
  • Tutoring: math, physics, literature, writing …
  • Preparation for the baccalaureate
  • Languages: TOEFL, DILF, DELF, DALF …
  • Colleges: SAT, ACT …
  • Schools of higher studies: GMAT, MCAT, GRE …
  • College selection
  • Admission board
  • Cultural immersion

Non-rugby activities

During camps, players from around the world share daily activities other than rugby:

  • Cultural discovery
  • Day trips
  • Museum visits …
  • Personal development: team building, confidence building …
  • Other sports: football, badminton, basketball …
  • Beach-time: paddle, lifeguard training, pétanque …
  • Collective discussion and video analysis
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Cards and board games

Training facilities

The camps are organized in the training facilities of elite clubs, federations, Olympic centers and colleges. Facilities tend to be centrally located and easily accessible.

They generally include several rugby fields, fitness rooms, wrestling rooms, video analysis rooms, classrooms, TV rooms, game rooms, locker rooms and dormitories. Some camps even offer swimming pools and a multi-purpose indoor gymnasium.

  • On campus: safe and insecure players’ district
  • Off campus: apartments, secure dormitories, student residence …
  • Other possibilities: Host family or you choose your accommodation

Camp staff include supervisors, qualified tutors, teachers, physiotherapists, doctors and professional chefs.

Attractive destinations

Paepiro is a global company that offers high performance camps around the world.

  • France: Montpellier, Grenoble & Paris
  • USA: Charleston, Miami & New Haven
  • Europe: France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England
  • Americas: USA, Canada
  • Europe: France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England
  • America: USA, Canada, Argentina
  • Oceania: New Zealand, Australia
  • Africa: South Africa
  • Asia: Japan
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