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Our history

Rugby is much more than a game. We believe, like Anne McClain, rugby has a positive lifelong impact on players. We decided to found Paepiro to connect emerging rugby nations with mature ones.

Paepiro means try line in Māori. We are a multi-cultural team that likes to go straight to the try line: Kotahi atu ki te paepiro!

As players, we value integrity, passion, solidarity,  discipline and respect, and as entrepreneurs we praise creativity and resilience.

We believe that players should not just practice rugby but also study. We offer innovative ways for players to pursue dual tracks.


Leveraging excellence

To give access to elite rugby to players all over the world, we multiply tight collaborations with professional clubs, top coaches, rugby federations, rugby legends and leading institutions.

As of today we are proud and thankful to collaborate with prestigious institutions such as the FFR, the MHR, FCG… 

Our growing rugby legends team is composed of famous international players such as Damien Chouly, our team captain. His current player record includes 324 TOP14 matches – 2 TOP14 Titles, 46 caps, 1 U21 World Champion Title, 4 6 Nations Tournament & 1 World Cup participation).

Along with elite rugby professionals, we partner with industry and academic leading institutions to make excellence accessible to players all over the world.

Products & services

To enhance the dual tracks of rugby and edcuation, we build high performance camps that include test and college preparation and language learning, among others.

  • Academy: develop rugby IQ + education
  • Elite: enhance high performance rugby + education
  • Detection: facilitate club or college selection
  • Coaching: share elite trainig methods
  • Rugby + test preparation: TOEFL, SAT/ACT…
  • Rugby + language learning
  • Detection clinics
  • College placement: selection, application, scholarship…

We accompany players throughout their admission process. Post admission, we conduct quarterly calls with both coaches and players. We facilitate academic support during and camps and after admission.

Our team

Paepiro gathers international players, coaches, educators, former players & parents, who have an international mindset and share a common passion for rugby.

At Paepiro, we have played or coached on every continent  but Antartica. Collectively, we have decades of experience. We hold many international caps, major titles and World cup appearances.

At Paepiro, we collectively hold multiple Bachelor’s and Masters degrees, as well as World Rugby coaching qualifications. We believe that Rugby players’ brains are the most important assets.

We speak multiple languages and are currently based in both France and the United States, our goal is to have teammates, rugby legends and partners throughout the entire planet.

Paepiro's governance

Paepiro relies on a solid management team and two experienced boards.

Our team has several decades of both elite rugby experience and entrepreneurships. We have worked across the entire rugby planet and established relationships on all continent

  • JF Auriffeille – Paepiro founder, Yale MBA, former player
  • JM Arazo – Paepiro CCO France, FFR VP, Montpellier BA, former player
  • D Chouly – Legends’ club captain, Limoges MSM, international player
  • J Fitzpatrick – COO USA, Brunel BA, former Irish International player
  • JP Massines – MHSC Director, Montpellier BA, former player
  • JF Auriffeille – Paepiro founder, Yale MBA, ex-player
  • JM Arazo – Paepiro CCO France, FFR VP, Montpellier BA, ex player
  • D Chouly – Legends’ club captain, Limoges MSM, international player
  • D Fisher – Rockstarcoders CEO, Bcs Yale, ex player
  • JP Massines – MHSC Director, Montpellier BA, ex player
  • S Vilgrain – Cuisine solution CEO, Paris Dauphine MBA, ex player
  • K Puget – Genepep CEO Montpellier PHD


    Join our team. We are passionate and proud of the work we do.

    We are looking for rugby fanatics to join our international multilingual team. If you share the values of our sport and have the desire to be part of a creative team in a fun and rewarding environment, then contact us.

    • Sales interns
    • Marketing interns
    • Remote coaches
    • Community manager
    • Administrative assistant

    At Paepiro, we believe that a team is more than just the addition of 23 individuals. Like on the pitch, we view players’ diversity as a key strength. We embrace rugby’s values and foster a culture where individual promotions are earned on the field. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability or age.

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